Ramanujan College of Education

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Call for Papers

This seminar invites all academicians, teacher educators, research scholars, experts and NGOs to present conceptual or research based papers as per the discussion themes of the seminar. Papers on related areas of the themes are also welcome. Paper presentation can either be oral (3-5 min) or as live demonstration of successful innovative practices implemented in the respective institution in the form of role plays, dramatization, simulations or video recordings of the practices (8- 10 min).

Discussion Theme:
“Quality Enhancement in Teacher Education through Academic and Administrative Audit”.

Seminar Strand/ Sub-theme: I
Meaning, Importance and Aspects of AAA
Academic and Administration Audit: Meaning, Necessity & importance
Aspects of Academic and Administration Audit (Technical, Human etc...)

Seminar Strand/ Sub-theme: II
Present Scenario
Present Academic and Administration Scenario of Teacher Education Institutes.

Seminar Strand/ Sub-themes: III
Process & Policy of AAA
The Process of Academic and Administration Audit and formulating universal policy & process of Academic and Administration Audit.

Seminar Strand/ Sub-themes: IV
Quality Enhancement
Quality Enhancement & Academic and Administration Audit.