Ramanujan College of Education

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Academic Infrastructure



Class Rooms:

Spacious & furnished class rooms  are equipped with Overhead and LCD projectors that are essential for a modern educational institution. The latest multimedia technology enables faculty members to have interactive sessions of teaching, which adds confidence and enthusiasm amongst the students.

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The college has spacious and well furnished library having approx. 4000 books including text books on Teacher Education, Educational Technology, Education Psychology, Educational Administration, Health & Computer Education, Method of Teaching & multiple sets of encyclopedia etc. The library also subscribes to 15 journals & periodicals related to teacher education and important national newspapers.


 Multi Purpose Hall:

The college has a multipurpose hall having audio & video facilities i.e. LCD & Slide Projectors, Computer, Public Address System / Mike & Amplifier with Speakers, White & Pin Boards, with a seating capacity of over 170 students, alongwith a centre stage.


 Work Experience Lab:

The college has a separate Work Experience Lab, which is a repository of art and creativity of pupil teachers / students and faculty members.


 Science Labs:

The college has 2 science labs, probably the best in the region, one dedicated for Physics and Chemistry experiments and second for Life Sciences. The laboratories have multiple sets of science apparatus required to perform and demonstrate all the experiments prescribed in the secondary and senior secondary classes. Chemicals, consumables are also available in the required quantity.


 Educational Technology Lab:

ET Lab is heart of any teacher education college. College has a spacious and well equipped lab consisting of Radio, TV, CD, DVD, Audio Cassette Recorder, Slide-Cum-Film-Strip Projector of 35 mm, Overhead Projector, one Still Camera, Art Materials for preparation of Charts and Slides, 10 Computers with supporting accessories for accessing internet and use of digital learning resources.


 Psychology Lab:

The college psychology lab has rich collection of over 100 psychological tests of famous psychologists mainly consisting of Apparatus for simple experiments related to Educational Psychology, Intelligence Tests (Performance, non-verbal and verbal), Aptitude Test, Creativity Tests, Personality Scales, Attitude Tests and Interest Inventories.


 Language Lab:

 To practice and master the command over language, college has a language lab with latest software, sample lessons sets, headphones for students / teacher consoles. Students are advised to use the same for improving their grammatical and pronunciation skills.


Music Facilities:

The college also expects students to learn Indian Heritage i.e. music and keeping this in mind, the college has musical instruments like harmonium, tabla, dholak etc. Qualified Guru is available for the benefit of students.


 Physical Education & Yoga:

The college also lays emphasis on Physical Education & Yoga along with regular education. The college carries many equipments / sports material for indoor & outdoor physical education and exercise viz. Table Tennis, Carom Boards with coins, Chess Board, Volley Ball Kit, Badminton Kits, Athletic Kit etc. Regular sport competitions are organized and students actively participate in all such sport competitions.

Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years. It consists of ancient theories, observations and principles aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit which is now being proven by modern science. The most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. Regular time is devoted on practicing Yoga among students. College has a well trained and qualified Yoga teacher / guide under whose observation students practice Yoga.


Round the Clock Internet:

All computers in the labs & offices are interconnected through LAN and in turn get connected to the internet. The college has established its own Radio Microwave Link facility with  high speed internet via RF computer for academic use.