Role Play on finding out the Reasons of Declining Sales

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Role Play on finding out the reasons of sales declining

Role Play on finding out the reasons of sales declining


Product-Parle -G On 20th April 2017, one role play was organized. There were 31 students who actively participated in this role play.

There were 4 phases of this role play.

Phase 1st- During the year 2015, a conference meeting was conducted by the CEO to enquire about the performance of the Organization. Different departmental heads were called in this meeting, they found that their sales are showing an increasing trend from last years and rest of the things were in order.

Phase 2nd- Sales manager went to the store manager to enquire about the present stock. Store Manager told her only stock for 2 days is left. Then sales manager went to the production manger and asked him to speedup the production process. Production manager went to production department and told the workers just to increase the production without concentrating much on quality.

Phase 3rd-In the year 2016, whole organization found that their sales are deteriorating day by day. Then a meeting was again called up by CEO in order to find out the reason for decreasing trend in sales. This meeting end up blaming each other, finally CEO suggested them to send a sale agent and take customers feedback through Questionnaire method.

Phase 4th- After getting feedback from the customers, CEO met with all the departmental heads and workers also participated in the meeting, sales agent informed about what customers is demanding i.e. they are lacking in the quality of the product, a part from this workers said that they have to look after the modifications and some changes in the product like – adding chocolate flavour in the biscuits.

At last it was decided to improve the quality as they more focused on the production not on quality and some modification also mandatory time to time in the product.