Role Play of Hr Manager In Competitive Environment

Monday, March 20, 2017

Role Play of Hr Manager In Competitive Environment

Role Play of Hr Manager In Competitive Environment

20th March 2017, one role play was organized.

Participants- 25 students actively participated.

There were four stages of role play

Phase 1st- Conference Meeting- Under this the CEO and the managers met with each other and they discussed about the company situation, that employees are not giving their best that is why they people are not growing, their performance badly affected the company’s situation in the market. Managers informed him that HR manager is not working effectively, even he is not focusing upon the work, they have taken the decision to replace the HR.

Phase 2nd- Recruitment & Selection- They called up the candidates for interview. There were two candidates who have attended the interview. Firstly they called first candidate for interview, he was not confident and experienced one, then they called second candidate, second one was more confident and has all the qualities to become an HR manager, they have selected that candidate.

Phase 3rd- Office Environment- When he joined, he noticed that no body was taking the work seriously, someone was sleeping, others were gossiping in the office , then HR Manager met with each other and strictly informed them to utilise their skill and work accordingly in the office. All the employees then worked attentively.

Phase 4th –Conference Meeting- At last CEO called meeting and he informed everyone that their company performance is increasing as the employees are giving their best. All this is happening just because of new HR Manager, as he motivated everyone for their skills utilisation.