Friday, September 23, 2016





As a part of PDP program the management game RING-TOSS was played by MBA students on 23.09.2016. RING-TOSS is the management game which generates data in the classroom on various aspects of risk taking behavior.

Objectives of RING-TOSS are

  • To enable the participant to examine his own risk-taking behavior.
  • To help the participant to examine the tendency to receive and use feedback.
  • To help the participant examine his tendency to take personal responsibility in accomplishing the task.

To examine one’s attitude towards success or failure. The game was conducted in three rounds and each round had modified set of rules.


The first round of the game was played by every participant individually. The participants were called one by one to the classroom of MBA 3rd sem and following instructions were given to them:-

“The peg you can see there and these are four rings with you. The distance has been marked for you. All you have to do is to choose any one of the marked distances where you would like to stand and throw the rings on to the PEG. Once you choose the distance you cannot change. All the four rings have to be thrown from the same distance. NO trial is allowed.”

A Data sheet had been given to all the participants. All the participants were asked to fill the distance chosen by them and each successful throw in given data sheet. After completion of the first round, the participants were asked to go to the classroom and fill the remaining columns of the Data Sheet.

All participants were observed by faculty of Management studies Mr. Gaurav Verma and Ms. Heena Pruthi.

For the second round all the participants were called. They were asked to stand on the either side of the marking as observers. Instructions were the same as in the first round except that in the second round, they were free to change the distance.

In third round all the participants were asked to give entry fees of Rs. 50 for playing the game. This time the success of pay off will be given to the winner.

Akash, Ramkumar, Neeraj and Sandeep showed their interest in the third round and they have played third round.

After the third round a discussion session was conducted by Kanchan Parashar and asked the following questions:-

  • Which round did you enjoy the most? Why?
  • How did you feel when others were watching you?
  • Why did you choose the particular distance to throw the rings in second round?
  • How did you set your goals? What did you think after the first throw?
  • What do you think after all the four throws? What did you play for?
  • What was your goal? Distance or throwing the rings on to the peg?

Responses of the participants were noted down by the observers. On the basis of Data Sheet filled by the participants and the responses sought out from the participants, the observers analyzed the participants. After that the observers gave their feedback to the participants.