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Dear Learner,


The years have been a celebration. Our alumni today hold important and prestigious positions of responsibilities in industry, banks and in various other service organizations.

Srinivasa Ramanujan, the internationally acclaimed genius continues to inspire us and guide our thoughts and actions. Ramanujan’s life is an inspiration for all of us who look forward in life to rise high. Despite humble beginnings and immense hardships Ramanujan, rose to stupendous heights of scientific standing and eminence. He proved that talent can grow in very humble and trying surroundings. At Ramanujan we create gems from stones. Our faculty leaves no stone unturned to ensure quality education through training by example, role plays, management games and through other innovative methods. We lay considerable emphasis to interaction with industry and work collaboratively with them to provide the students   real life experience during the 2 years of study at our institute. Our students have given excellent academic results and shown continuous progress in their chosen fields. We remain committed to core, to groom aspiring students to become successful managers, professionals and leaders, who can take on the challenges of competitive world and be an asset to the organization, the society and the nation at large.

This Prospectus will take you round other aspects besides the program details. There are many choices and we will help you to arrive at the right decision if you so desire.

Joining Ramanujan would be a choice well made and a sure ticket to a promising career. We assure you time spent at Ramanujan would be time well spent and would be exciting and memorable. 

I wish you all success !

Narendra Kaul


Ramanujan College of Management




Ramanujan College of Management was started in the year 2007 near Palwal city of Haryana at the outskirts of NCR. It is well connected with Faridabad / Delhi & Kosi / Mathura by rail & road links (National Highway 2) & Manesar / Gurgaon, by 8 lane KMP expressway.

The College is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education, Statutory body of Government of India, to promote and regulate Technical Education in India) and affiliated to MDU Rohtak. Admissions to the programs are done through centralized counseling organized by the state government.

The college is housed in spacious building providing neat and clean ambiance, conducive for learning and overall growth of future managers. Spacious & rich library with approx. 4500 books including reference books, case studies & journals, air conditioned Computer lab with 100 latest computers connected to high speed internet, sports facilities, seminar and conference rooms with audio/video facilities & student’s canteen are centers of life at the college. The placement division assists students to find suitable placement during and immediately after completion of the program.

The college regularly organizes seminars, fests, sports, contests for the benefit of student community. On March 21, 2015 college organized its annual contest “PARICHAY 2015 – the Management Fest” a unique contest to judge & promote managerial skills among students. The contest drew huge participation from colleges across Haryana and NCR and set a high benchmark for managerial skills for the coming years. The fest was organized in association with AIMS-Association of Indian Management Schools.

The college follows a learner centered pedagogy which is a mix of academics & skill set development as per need of industry/employer. The approach focuses on the abilities an learning style of students keeping in view ever changing employer needs.



“Appo Deepo Bhava” (Be your own Light or Be a light unto yourself or shine with your own brilliance & hard work). At Ramanujan, our vision is to inculcate modern thinking with due emphasis to cultural values and a global outlook among students that will guide and propel them towards excellence in all walks of life. We firmly believe that each one is born with a tremendous possibility of intellectual attainment and success. Hardships, adverse circumstances or other limitations would not deter the doer for any achievement possible.

Our Logo

Ramanujan Educational Institutes logo represents the following:

• Rising sun indicates the freshness, life, strength and capabilities to reach to new heights.

• Happy & vibrant humans, indicate our students, staff and stakeholders, continuously moving through life joyously and happily.

• Blue color of Motto indicates the all encompassing horizon. & the vast opportunities available.

• "Appo Deepo Bhava" were the last words of Lord Buddha to his disciples, when they asked for his advice on their future in his absence. Appo Deepo Bhava means "Let you be your own light". We believe our students after graduating from the institute will not only be a source of knowledge & proud guidance to others who will take  a lead role in community / society / organization towards a prosperous future.


1.1 Standalone PG Level Management College

Ramanujan College of Management is an exclusive Post Graduate level Management institute. It is managed by professionals having experience from both industry & academia, who work hard in the interest & development of MBA/PGDM students as per industry requirement.

College activities are management program focused & organized as per the requirement of student & industry needs. Programs are delivered in a professional way as MBA/PGDM should be and not as a traditional Master’s Program.

1.2 Campus Location

• Ramanujan campus is spread over 3.15 acres 

of land. Building covers approx. 20% of total area and rest is maintained as green area for outdoor sports & flora.

• Ramanujan campus is situated near Palwal city at the outskirts of NCR Delhi well connected by road & rail links and attracts students from various locations backgrounds.




Ramanujan College of Management follows a pedagogy which is student centered & focuses on development of critical thinking, development of industry interface & student development alongwith academics. Programs offered at Ramanujan College of Management are more practical oriented and not offered as a traditional masters program. Below are the highlights of pedagogy followed at Ramanujan:

2.1 Preparatory Programs

Preparatory programs are organized in the beginning of every semester and focus on the applied aspects of theories studied in last semester & preparing for coming semester. These modules are designed to make students understand the contents of coming semesters and practice knowledge gained in previous semester. These also include IT skills, analytic & soft skills etc.

2.2 Presentations

Importance of excellent communication skills (oral & written) cannot be overlooked for getting the right job. A student’s presentation in the classroom becomes an important element in attaining positive learning experiences and allows for honing of the communication skills.

2.3 Management Games, Role Plays, Simulation

Management games are created in order to test the decision making capability and the degree of stability under risky and adverse conditions. Role plays and simulation exercises tend to provide a candidate with situations that are encountered or are likely to be encountered in corporate environment and enable them to handle these situations proactively and effectively.

2.4 Summer Training/ Internship

Internships are known for giving students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real world environments. At the same time, students also develop skills, which help them to perform better in their future jobs. Internships make learning faster and cements / reinforces it. Eight weeks Summer Training is held after second semester examination. Training is mandatory for all students.

2.5 Visits to Companies / Fairs / Exhibitions / Educational Tours

The College regularly organizes visits to Companies / Fairs / Exhibitions / Seminars to provide real life exposure to the students. The forays during the recent period have been as Yamaha Motors, Faridabad, Escorts Ltd., Faridabad, JCB Ltd., Faridabad, Imperial Auto Ltd., Faridabad, Bharat Gears, Faridabad, Ingersoll Rand Ltd. Ghaziabad, AIMA New Delhi 2 days conference etc.



2.6 Corporate Guest Lectures

Keeping abreast with current trends in the industry and business is a prime focus area for management education. Regular interaction / seminars / lectures by luminaries from the corporate world serve this purpose well. The initiative has helped. students get up-to-date with the industry happenings.

2.7 Co curricular Activities:

Very few institutions give the same emphasis to co curricular activities as Ramanujan does. College supports & organizes various activities for student’s development and promotion of team work. Number of the activities being organized /celebrated in the campus are as under:

• Various days of national / social importance i.e. festivals, Haryana Day, World Environment Day etc.  

• Inter Institute Cultural Fest - Harmony

• Inter Institute Sports Fest – Spardha

• Inter College Management Fest – PARICHAY

• Workshops on prevailing issues in management

• Inter Institute Cricket / Volley Ball matches

2.8 Research & Publications

No nation, society or organization can progress without promoting research and innovation. Ramanujan College is no exception. The Ramanujan College regularly brings out a bi-annual refereed  r e s e a r c h journal of management “Global Evolution, ISSN 2229 7588”. The journal is devoted to the publication and promotion of research papers / articles related to the functional macro areas of management contributed by students, faculties of colleges & other  luminaries.

2.9 International / Domestic Immersion Programs

Immersion programs are required to understand the cultural diversity, interaction with students and faculty of other institutions in other parts of country / world. One week immersion program at institute of repute at metro location i.e. Mumbai / Delhi /Bangalore & 2-3 months study international program at institute in Singapore / Dubai is part of MBA curriculum (optional) to  add more value to the program. Such students after completion of the program shall also get a certificate in business management from respective foreign institutes



3.1 Modern Class Rooms

• Classrooms are the lifeline of a professional program

• Modern day teaching requires various class room activities other than lectures i.e. group discussions, presentations, small group activities, case studies etc. Our institute is best suited to provide such facilities.

• Ramanujan class rooms are state of the art & seating includes:

• Classrooms with single flexible sitting arrangement, which can be rearranged as per the requirement.

• Air Conditioned class rooms for maximum comfort to students in    harsh season.

• Wi-Fi enabled classrooms so that students can use laptop/tablet for various activities.


• Spacious & equipped with LCD projectors / TVs, which are essential for a modern day class room. The latest multimedia technology enables faculty members to    have interactive sessions of teaching, which adds confidence and enthusiasm amongst the students.

3.2 IT & Internet

The institute has air conditioned computer laboratories with latest hardware and software utilities. All computers in the labs & offices are interconnected through LAN and in turn get connected to the internet 24x7. Wi-Fi internet facility is also available which students can use on laptops and mobile phones.

3.3 Library & Book Bank

College has a well stocked library with reference books, text books, hand books, encyclopedia, dictionaries, national journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers and other books. Library has a book bank facility which provides books to needy students free of cost on returnable basis.

3.4 Language LabEnglish with the help of Language lab is added as a 

non credit module for interested / weak students to improve their vocabulary, communication skills etc. Discussions on current affairs in classroom are a part of daily life at college. Highlights-Ramanujan College Of Management

3.5 Training & Placement Cell

Ramanujan College of Management has a fully functional ‘Training and Placement Cell’. The cell provides active support for career counseling and bridges the gap between employer needs and student skills by arranging requisite training. Training and Placement Cell has established contacts with large number of reputed employers.

3.6 Alumni

The college has an active Alumni Association which regularly organizes Alumni meets in the campus. The occasion is used for networking, distribution of degrees / diplomas and feed back from alumni for quality enhancement of college functioning. The Alumni also stays in touch through college website & college social media sites.


4.1 Transport

College transport facility is available from Faridabad / Palwal / Delhi border. Lower transport fees are charged for the benefit of students. No transport fee is charged from girl students.

4.2 Canteen / Food Court

The College has a refreshment point where students and staff can enjoy their meals and can spend their casual time. The Canteen functioning in the campus provides wholesome food for the students at a reasonable rate.

4.3 Hostel Facility

Separate hostel for boys & girls accommodation is available near the campus on sharing basis. The Hostel is complete with kitchen facilities, TV and games.

4.4 Education Loan

Education loans are sanctioned to students by nationalized banks subject to fulfilling the bank’s terms and conditions and submitting the required documents by the student. Highlights-Ramanujan College Of Management

4.5 Scholarships

All scholarships, as offered by Haryana Government or Government of India for SC/ST/PH students are applicable for students of Ramanujan College. At present students under SC/PH category are eligible for scholarship equal to 100% of fees.


“Best teachers are enthusiastic, inspiring, innovative and indeed a class of their own. The more effective teachers create a positive climate for learning by challenging pupils’ ideas, inspiring them, and are more innovative in their practice”.
Qualified and experienced faculty having a caliber of producing excellent academic results is the only supporting pillar of any institute. Ramanujan College of Management has well qualified and experienced faculty to train & develop students to meet the ever-changing & ever-increasing requirements of current time. All our faculty members are as per the norms of UGC / MDU and are holding / pursuing PhD degrees/UGC NET etc.


Core Faculty:

• Mr. Narendra Kaul

• Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Singhal, PhD, M.Com, CA

• Prof. C.L.Tyagi, Ph.D, M.Com, Professor Emeritus - Delhi University

• Dr. Kirti Bhatia, Ph.D, MBA

• Mr. Gaurav Verma, MBA, UGC NET, JRF, IIM Ahmedabad

• Ms. Puja Sharma, MBA, UGC NET

• Ms. Kanchan Parashar, CA, MBA

• Ms. Gunjan Chawla, MBA

• Ms. Hina Pruthi, MBA

• Ms. Ruchika Sharma, MBA

• Ms. Tripti Raj, MBA

• Ms. Monika Singh, MBA

• Ms. Payal Chabra, MBA

 Visiting Faculty:

• Prof. (Dr.) P.C. Basak, PhD, M.Tech,

• Mr. Arvinder Singh, CA

• Dr. Javed Khan PhD, M.Tech,

• Mr. Rakesh Sharma, MBA, B.Tech

• Mr. Naresh Bhagat, Director, Lelogix Designs Pvt. Ltd.

• Mr. Manas Das, VP, New Horizons Ltd.

• Mr. Kewal Krishan, Chief Manager, Escorts Ltd.

• Ms. Shikha Kapoor, Soft Skill Trainer

• Mr. Sampath Naidu, Soft Skill Trainer

• Ms. Corrie Naidu, Soft Skill Trainer

• Ms. Sarabjit Kaur, Soft Skill Trainer