PGDM - Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Managment Education with Engineering Precision

PGDM Specializations


Program Details:

PGDM Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), is initiated by AICTE to make management program more industry focused & practical oriented than MBA. Industry focused / oriented programs draw extra weightage from employers & provides better job opportunities to students . This program is designed for professionals / engineers in the manufacturing & construction sector and prepares them to become effective managers and decision-makers.

  • Duration: 2 Years Full Time, Regular.
  • Approved by: AICTE
  • Running Since: 2010
  • Intake 1st Shift: 60 2nd Shift: 60
  • Specializations Offered:
    • Major
      • Operations Management
      • Construction Management
    • Minor
      • Marketing Management
      • Human Resource Management


For admission applicant should have

  • Minimum 50% marks in graduation from any recognized university
  • Must have appeared for MAT / CMAT / CAT / ATMA / JMET exam


Frerquently Asked Queations about PGDM:


What is PGDM?

PGDM means POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT. It is a qualification which makes you eligible for MANAGEMENT/OFFICER level jobs in industry & other areas.

PGDM does score well in providing better job opportunities


Is it a Diploma or a Degree?

As far as management education goes this question is not very important. It is a nomenclature issue.

MBA or PGDM has similar eligibility requirements, similar duration and examination pattern. For admission to PGDM / MBA you need to be a Graduate in Science, Commerce, Arts, Pharmacy, Engineering etc.

PGDM is approved by AICTE whereas MBA is granted by a university. Only an autonomous body approved by AICTE can offer PGDM. For example institutes like IIM, XLRI etc can offer PGDM not MBA whereas universities like MDU, IPU etc.offer MBA.


How is it better than MBA?

Both PGDM and MBA are management programmes designed to provide skills and education to shape a competent and efficient manager in industry, services, government, NGO’s etc.

Major advantage with a PGDM programme is that it has flexibility to design its own programme, course contents and methodology. That gives it great leverage which it uses in designing programmes relevant to current needs and demands. It can constantly update the curriculum as per industry requirements through its industry-integrated approach.

Therefore, chances of PGDM programs offering fast-paced career growth as compared to MBA is high and turns out to be an intelligent choice between the two.


Is it equivalent to MBA?

As said earlier PGDM vs. MBA is an issue of nomenclature. Both provide similar opportunities. In fact due to flexibility in its applications PGDM provides better job possibilities.


What are Highlights of PGDM Program offered at Ramanujan?

  • PGDM is offered in 2 streams i.e. Operations Management & Construction Management. Both specializations are most suited for engineering professionals of various disciplines.

  • Totally industry focused. Design, content and focus designed in consultation with industry experts and working professionals .

  • Program structure incorporates 3-4 months internship / live project / empirical research project under faculty guidance at industries of repute to give first hand experience of industry & help in their placement efforts.

  • Offered in both 1st & 2nd shift, so as to make convenient for a student to attend as per his preference / requirement.

  • Highly functional tailoring engineering to managerial competence building.

  • Program builds holistic competence through exposure to all core & support areas in industry i.e. Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Materials, supply chain etc.

  • Program provokes innovation & entrepreneurship skills among students from a perspective of creative thinking, breaking away from existing paradigms and design, and giving value to new processes, products and services a key to growth in industry and family business.

  • After completion of program a student shall get a job in industry in areas related to manufacturing i.e. production, quality, maintenance, supply chain, IT, projects etc. Student can also pursue or take up an effective career in HR and Marketing as well

  • Refundable fee in full for SC/PH candidates


What are the Job Prospects?

Engineering + PGDM Ticket to Success at India Inc:

An engineering degree and top up with an MBA / PGDM is believed to be the classic recipe for corporate success. Most professionals perceive that this path provides valuable skills for going up the corporate ladder along with helping sustain the competitive advantage. Today, organizations are increasingly adopting employee-friendly policies to enable them to do an MBA / PGDM through a sabbatical or corporate sponsorship aimed at equipping them with better skills. Few points in the support are as below:

  • In today’s corporate world, the role of an engineer is changing; an engineer is likely to be a manager who has to implement new practices and new technology for optimum use of resources and factors of production. 
  • Its like taking a step ahead in professional career. 
  • MBA / PGDM broadens an engineer's perspective significantly by introducing non-engineering concepts such as those in marketing, strategy, finance, operations, business ethics, entrepreneurship and many more.
  • It is a myth that after joining management, engineer's technical skills are left behind. Management is very important part of professional life of engineer. 
  • A management degree gives multitasking ability to engineers. After completing a management degree, an engineer working in technical department of any company, can also handle management responsibility as well.  In today's competitive market scenario companies require multitasking employees. 
  • An engineering degree will teach how to apply knowledge practically. While an management degree will teach how to manage people with engineering degrees.
  • With an MBA / PGDM, an engineer shall get extra attention and credibility in professional career - something that will offer him a greater opportunities to make an impact by taking on meaningful responsibilities.
  • During MBA / PGDM degree, new links are developed with different people doing management degrees, which help throughout professional career of an engineer.
  • To summarize an engineer  with a MBA / PGDM shall have a solid tripod pedestal (business concepts, soft skills and solid network) that will assist him making a great career.